The Winter Guide to Insulated Boots

The reason you choose to wear insulated work boots, when working in low temperature environments, is because you need a boot to keep to your feet warm.  Working in cold temperatures is unforgiving, and without the proper protection, the cold can have serious implications to your health and safety.

What else, do they offer? Insulated boots tend to be more durable than your normal work boot. Since these boots are meant to be worn in harsh environments, we have to build these shoes with fabrics and leathers that are made to last.


It’s important to purchase the properly rated insulated boots, that fit your needs. How do you decide, what fits your needs? Our Avenger Work Boots have different levels of insulation built into our boots. This way, no matter your working environment or level of activity, we can keep you comfortable and safe.

Below you’ll notice the different units of measurements for insulation, refer to this handy little chart to help you figure out what you need when buying Avenger Work Boots.

  • 200 grams for cool conditions or high activity levels
  • 400 grams for cold conditions or moderate activity levels
  • 600 grams for very cold conditions

Again, keep these measurements in mind when you are choosing an insulated work boot. Remember, the warmer the weather, the lower the level of insulation you will need in your boots; While the colder the weather is, the more insulation you will need in your boots.

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