Looking for Style and Comfort in Women’s Safety Shoes? Check & Check

Whether you work building computers or automobiles, in a steel foundry or in the oil fields, looking good can be as important as being safe.  And, when it comes to safety footwear, comfort is always in style. Nautilus Safety Footwear makes many styles for women, and our newest styles offer some of our best work yet - featuring stylish designs and colors combined with advanced technological features.

Two examples are the Nautilus N2471 and N2485. Remaining true to our athletic heritage, these styles offer lightweight technology resulting in maximum comfort. With a super lightweight carbon nanofiber composite safety toe cap that weighs 50% less than a traditional steel toe, you will feel light on your feet all day long without sacrificing safety. The bold color combinations will draw admiring looks as well as “where did you get those shoes?” remarks. Looking good, feeling comfortable and safe in your new Nautilus safety footwear.

Nautilus Safety Footwear, at the crossroads of Fashion and Comfort.

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